Where do I sign up!!

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Posted on Oct 29th 2006  -  Subject: Where do I sign up 4 strip poker
I used to play in bands all over australia and strip poker would be a day at the office for me in terms of normality where do i sign up!!!
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Posted on Oct 29th 2006
sounds like a nice time you had there but what do you want to sign up for :).. if u mean playing poker just go to the Promotions tab and then click CDpoker and then install it it's simple you'll handle it..
there is noo spoOne..
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Posted on Nov 9th 2006
No Pawppy, I believe he's wanting to know where to sign up for the strip poker. Although I am sure it will be a great event, I can't see myself watching it. I know the percentage of women playing poker is growing, but I don't think it's quite high enough for me to watch it and still feel straight :) Besides, I think one screaming nude RAMER is enough to place anyone on tilt for quite some time. Not that I would expect him to lose enough of his clothes, but hey sooner or later that final table is gonna be nasty.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope to break even this week. I need the money.
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Posted on Nov 12th 2006
LOL CrownedKing...Ramer nude would not put me on tilt .. it would gib=ve me nightmares....for a VERY LONG TIME! YUCK!
Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts