This hand almost stopped my starting poker career.

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Posted on Apr 20th 2009
??? English please
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Posted on Apr 22nd 2009
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Posted on Jun 15th 2009  -  Subject: lol
u played so bad .... i dont complain u lol ..... u deserve it ... sry to say that but how can u go allin with that ? .... if u have called him well was another problem ... but go allin lol
deal me out
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Posted on Jun 16th 2009
Is it really so hard to understand the first post even if it's not in english? You see the cards and that's all you need to see. Ennen Floppia = Pre-FlopFloppi kortit = Flop cardsTurn kortti = Turn cardRiver kortti = River card Lol really hard. Korottaa = RaiseMaksaa = Cost/CallBetsaa = BetMenee all-in = Moves all-inNäyttää = Shows Tada! And I don't know a single word in finnish. If I got any of the words wrong, tell me. Just by knowing poker you can see what the words are in english. And that was not really a special bad beat, that is happening all the time. Same hands. this would be worse but also happends a lot: Ad9h vs Ah4c FlopAs9c2h Turn4d River4h Or how about this one: Ad9h vs Ah4c FlopAs9c2c Turn6c River 8c Happends every day, either for you or against you.
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