strong evidence of online rigging

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Posted on Dec 5th 2012  -  Subject: strong evidence of online rigging
One can hardly read any poker forum without running across individuals claiming that this or that site is rigged. Usually they are humiliated with the forum “experts” rudely telling them that the reason they’re losing is because they aren’t good poker players. I’m sad to say that I used to be one of those “experts.” I was one of the doubters until I actually caught one site cheating. "Subscribe to Bill's Poker Blog" Receive an update straight to your inbox every time I publish a new article. Your email address will never be shared If you view the image below it looks like a normal hand being played (certain information has been dedacted to protect the innocent). Normal Table It looks normal unless you really examine the photo. Using some highly classified vector digital imaging software from the CIA I picked up on eBay for $50, I caught the dealer dealing off the bottom of the deck. I was as shocked as anyone but it all made sense once I thought about it. Notice in the picture above how they put that little box in front of the players sitting to the right and left of the dealer so as to obstruct their view. Players sitting that close would normally catch a dishonest dealer but “conveniently” the software blocks their view. Coincidence? Hardly! Dealing from the bottom of the deck! But that wasn’t the only cheating I caught. Notice the player to the right of the dealer in Seat 1. Notice anything out of place? Neither did I at first. But again, I used my imaging software to get a close up and guess what I see? Cards up the sleeve He’s got a card hidden up his sleeve! I guess it should have been obvious after his fourth pocket aces in a row. Conclusion: Online Poker is Rigged! So now I have proof that online poker is rigged and if anybody tries to tell you differently, they’re in on it! If you feel you’ve been cheated then you may want to check out a tool developed by Bill’s Poker Blog called the RT Hand History Analyzer for Rigged Poker Games. It can tell you if there are any statistical abnormalities with any of the hands you feed it. Really a great tool to help you gather evidence about online poker being rigged. sorry the images do not copy and paste but you can view the images at this guys blog and they are truly amazing you can clearly see the underhand tactics of the poker room if you google online poker rigging you will see this article in full
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Posted on Dec 7th 2012
always new that dam dealer was at my software from 007 and hhe gave me some good advice.DONT PLAY
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Posted on Dec 21st 2013  -  Subject: yup
I played a tournament on stars and was preety weard thing. So, last week was the day with 1mil gar for the warm 11$ tourney. Decent buyin. I was just register in it without bankroll for it but was a good spot for doing well things. Was a hand that fk me and i couldn undestand, was in cut off with 88 . I saw a raise min from utg2, from hm isaw that one is a fish so i 3bet there 2.4x. I was 16bb so i was prepaired to flip it! From sb one tight player-played 16| verry tight, reraise allin. The utg fish fold and i called his allin.....was smth like 18-20bb.i saw at him 36s!!!!! Preety good. Then thr flop come:-) :-) 524 flush stright for him.and of corse beat me.and now my question did he know that will come that flop to push his entire stack at 11$buyin tournament. Sick off about that...i said to myself that i will not play any tournaments on stars..only sng.oooohhhhi i just forgot....he finished the tournament on 3 place winning no more than 47k$. Interesting??
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