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Posted on Jan 19th 2007  -  Subject: Sam Farha
Sammy's nerves of steel in the TV series High Stakes Poker and sayings like "raisy daisy" quickly made him a favorite of the public. Name: Ihsan Farha Nickname: Sam(my) Residence: Houston, Texas, USA Birthday: 1959 (Beirut, Libanon) Tournament winnings: 1,637,589$ Tournament victories: 2 WSOP Bracelets: 2 In the money: 9mal Style: very Loose-Aggressive (LAG) Strength: Nerves Ihsan "Sam" Farha was born in Lebanon in 1959. A gambler since he was young, his betting brought him quite a bit of pocket money. He once won $5000 in a single game of Pac-man. He was also skilled at pool, but it was his gift for pinball that won him a title story for a lebanese magazine. His ambition was clear, but at this time he did not think of financing his life with games of chance. Because of the civil war in his homeland, his family immigrated to the USA in 1977. In his new home, Kansas, he studied economics at the university. After finishing his education, he moved in with his brother in Houston and came in contact with poker for the first time. It all started in a home game with friends playing for mere cents. He played and played until he had a bankroll of $2000, enough to make his way to Las Vegas, where he won a total of $5000. Four years later, he finally decided to quit his job, becoming a professional poker player in 1990. Of course, Sam Farha, too went to the WSOP. In 1996 he won a bracelet in his preferred Omaha variant. But it was not until 2003 that Farha came into the public eye, sitting heads-up against Chris Moneymaker at the final table of the WSOP Main Event. The outcome is known: Moneymaker won and Farha had to settle for second place and 1.3 million dollars. His gambler's heart was lifted, however, when he beat Moneymaker in an online game afterward out of the limelight. But at first it did not go so well: on the second day of the tournament Sam hit Barry Greenstein. Both of them found themselves all-in, and Greenstein won the pot. Since Farha had only a few chips left, he wanted to leave the tournament. But Greenstein convinced him to stay! Even if Sam is a non-smoker, he still carries a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. After winning a series of big pots, he attributed it to his lucky charm: "I'm so hot, my cigarette's going to light!" As long as his luck holds, he speaks well of his cigarette – he switches it with a new one after a bad beat. But Sam Farha is beloved by the public for more than his lucky cigarette. Despite his unique style of play, which requires strong nerves and unflinching will to take risks, Sammy seems sure in what he does. His conversation friendly sayings also contributed to his popularity: "Raisy Daisy!", "Don't bluff me! Get the hand first." or "Is this your first visit to Las Vegas?" are often quoted. Farha lives in Houston, Texas today and can be seen in big tournaments and on the TV show High Stakes Poker. At the moment he's writing a book titled "Luck is not enough" and plans to bring a TV poker show and video games to the market.
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Posted on Jan 19th 2007
Yep, Sammy is another one of my fav's.
live free love life and play poker
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Posted on Jan 25th 2007
I've heard some people say that Sammy sucks because of how loose he plays at times. I tell them that he does play loose because he loves to gamble more than many other pros do. He does know how to play the game as well as any of those other players though. He just wants a little more excitment while playing I figure.
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Posted on Jan 26th 2007
I enjoy watching him play,don"t like his style,but it"s fun to watch!
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Posted on Jan 30th 2007
That's a great post, 1984Sagi. Great bio on Sam.
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Posted on Feb 3rd 2007
Interesting read. Good article on a great player. I'm a fan of his playing style, and what he does for the game simply by playing it. Jon Pill
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Posted on Feb 11th 2007
ı love to watch Sammy playing Poker
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Posted on Feb 11th 2007
I'm not sure if I should just ask this or start a new thread for the question. I guess I'll just ask it here and see where it goes. People are saying that Sammy is fun or entertaining to watch play. I'm just wondering who else other people think is entertaining to watch play. Maybe who is everyone's favorite player to watch as far as entertainment value alone. I'm not sure if I have a favorite player to watch as far as entertainment value goes but I do enjoy watching Marcel Luske and Daniel Negreneau play. They seem to keep the mood upbeat at the table and they are good players too.
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Posted on Feb 12th 2007
Sammy is a gambler :)
Live to play
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Posted on Nov 21st 2009  -  Subject: Sammy Rulez
check his website
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Posted on Dec 18th 2009
i like sammy style
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