rule against poker gambling in USA is obsolete!!!

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Posted on Oct 14th 2006  -  Subject: rule against poker gambling in USA is obsolete!!!
a few days ago i found out that, before any action was taken, in USA poker or internet gambling is going to be considered ilegal. for my surprise i wodered if this will have an impact on other european ones. my belief is that this is a stupid law, considering that it was made in, from my infos, a short period of time, an i know that this caused major problems to the poker rooms, who were forced to process thousands of withdrawls, or even more. but this is only an efect, and i know that for the real players even this is to insignifiant to stop the gambling. i wait for someones opinion, and will make future remarks after.
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Posted on Oct 14th 2006  -  Subject: I heard this too.
I heard about this too, however i heard it was only on Public rooms, and the law is that banks cannot transfer money to the poker sites. I am in the US and have never heard of this happening anywhere else. It has always been illegal to gamble online here, however the sites were operated in other countries so there wasnt any way to stopping it.
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Posted on Oct 14th 2006  -  Subject: illegal in usa
i am canadian will this effect me taking money out of poker accounts please reply
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Posted on Oct 14th 2006  -  Subject: interesting bill analysis
here is a very in depth of analysis of the new legislation by a professional
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Posted on Oct 28th 2006
can someone tell me whats the story behind this new it because of the taxes?? I really dont know the actual truth
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Posted on Oct 29th 2006
no one nows
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Posted on Oct 29th 2006
Don't worry yourself too much at the moment, as usual the hype behind the action is usully worse than the actual result could ever be. I am sure the mega multi-billion dollar gambling industry isn't going to allow a little formality to stop them from making their cut. Sure it may be a little more difficult for money to be placed into the accounts (eg Phone Cards or International Sponsorship Fee's) but they'll work it out to where money is still coming in. I could personally think of nothing better than having a few hundred thousand less players competing for my money if they dont work it out. Not that online poker is the be all and end all. It just makes it a little more profitable and ALOT more frequent!
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Posted on Nov 21st 2006
fortunately for all non US players this bill will have no ill effects. but you will see prize pools dropping as these sites no longer host US players
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Posted on Nov 21st 2006
I feel sorry for the Yanks ... they seem to be getting it from both ends now...
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Posted on Nov 23rd 2006
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Posted on Nov 24th 2006  -  Subject: banned from Canada
I Was banned from playing on I4 Poker. I am in Canada and my ISP is but apparently since it has US ownership it is deemed to be a US site Their only suggestion was to change my ISP-hate doing that
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Posted on Nov 25th 2006
This new law has only had effects denied to all poker's players. We hope that in future we can find one solution. GL AT THE TABLE
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