Royal Flush

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Posted on Oct 21st 2006  -  Subject: Royal Flush
How long did it take for you to get your first royal flush. I've been playing everyday for about 2 hours a day for about a year, and the closest I have ever got is is staight flush to the Queen.
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Posted on Oct 21st 2006
Took me maybe 6 months of online poker. I played for the second time on Party Poker on a cash game table and I got a royal of spades. It was sweet and I got paid for it too.
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Posted on Oct 22nd 2006
I do not have royal flush too. I play almost 1 year but no roayle :( I hope soon to get first roayle flush in my career
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Posted on Oct 22nd 2006
Some weaks ago i fold one, that was pi$$e% me off i get Ax then i fold (lower card and unsuited) when i see the flop RQ10 turn the J i could't believe but happen to me
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Posted on Oct 22nd 2006
i've had two. one in five card draw when i was 13 playing my family at christmas and one in a stinking freeroll where there was next to nothing on the line! hah! typical no?! ah someday i'm sure it'll make me a few bucks.
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Posted on Oct 23rd 2006
3 Months of fulltime poker (big holiday) And hit Spades Royal Flush and it wasnt wasted either, I did clean out two other players but went out at seventh in 1200 strong tourney - a win would of been icing but ohwell lol.
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Displaying #1-6 of 6 total posts