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Posted on Dec 7th 2006  -  Subject: POKER PROS ONLINE
How would you really know if you are playing against a pro online? Anyone can say hes Doyle Brunson or Phil Ivey or whomever. I mean I've seen many players online with famous poker names, how do you know who is and who isn't.
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Posted on Dec 7th 2006
Pros do play at sites they endorse. Also there is a site something like * that has a ranking of top internet players, pros included, with the names they use and at what sites they play. The celebrity pros you are talking about tend to play specific events online at their sponsoring sites check out * and you'll see what I mean. The sites that they play on will often let you know. Good luck at the tables.
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Posted on Dec 8th 2006
Just play your normal game.
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Posted on Dec 9th 2006
I have played against some of theses pros and I feel I can play better because they don't BS as much as the average player!
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Posted on Dec 9th 2006
I've played against Juana once and have watched Matusow and Ivey. The problem is that if the sites that they are playing at get caught out, then they lose a lot of business and credibility. It is definitely not worth the risk for them to fake it.
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Posted on Dec 16th 2006
play your game against them if i ever come up against one that is all i will do
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Posted on Dec 27th 2006
you would not really know
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Posted on Dec 31st 2006
No matter who your playing,always just play "your" game!!
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Posted on Dec 31st 2006
i'm the real phil, just dont tell anyone, or to many people!
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Posted on Jan 7th 2007

Daniel Negreanu playing sometimes at under username: KidPoker or ^KidPoker any just look in the higher stakes possible mostly Limit holdem.

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Posted on Jan 8th 2007
When you meet Phil Ivey or Texas Dolly on a 1/2 NL table... they are not the reals... if you are at a 50/100 NL... they might be!! BTW I'm not the real DN! : ) KJ
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Posted on Jan 9th 2007
Someone told me once that they read an article that said something about names pros might use online. It said they might have words like "mom, dad, grandma, grandpa" or words similar to these in the name. Haven't seen many names with those in it to be honest but I don't think the ones that I saw were pros.
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