Poker is similar to life

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Posted on Jun 29th 2015  -  Subject: Poker is similar to life
Life is like a game of cards. Luck can sometimes give you a perfect hand, but it's the skill of playing your cards right that wins you the game. Poker is similar to life in that you are forced to make decisions based on incomplete information. The framework for the decision is based on your sense of what's going on is formed by your observations and experience. Those experiences can be based on incorrect assumptions, deceptive actions and second-guessing and you're never 100% sure of what will happen next. Practise poker games at to win huge amount.
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Posted on Oct 20th 2015  -  Subject: agree
poker and life... i think both is easier if u have the gift to "read" a person, a call and a situation
one could be better
Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts