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Posted on Aug 8th 2009  -  Subject: On The Bubble
I was playing in a $3000GTD PP tourney on Thursday night and after playing for 4 1/2 hours and managing to stay in the top 10 throughout the whole tourney I got eliminated in 11th place just before the final table. I played a very focused and smart game and was in the zone noting my table mates every move for info sitting with 106,000 chip  Blinds at 3000/6000im BB in with A 10 suited spades every one passes except the SB who Ive watched go all in repeatedly with garbage for over an hour but he manages to stay alive. hes got 35,000 left and goes all in a obvious attempt to steal my big blind Ive got him covered so I call, much to my delight hes holding 8,9 offsuite but as luck would have it he catches an 8 on the flop and the rest of the draw brings me nothing and he doubles up! Very next hand Im delt AQ off and everyone again passes except the donkey to my right who of course goes all in again preflop, and im my frusration I instacall. Hes holding QQ and takes me out.and goes to the final table with all my chips lol and i finish 11th for a whopping $36 payoff lol.Im sure you all have had a similar game but it frustated me so i need to vent.I guess the moral of the story is stay focused, dont let the donkey's get under your skin. and YES even the  DONKEYS catch a hand every now and then.   GL to all at the tables
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts