ok here's one............

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Posted on Aug 16th 2008  -  Subject: ok here's one............
how many of you have actually WITHDRAWN any money from a poker site..   be honest... if someone tells me they've withdrawn $24k in euros i won't beleive you.. :)          
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Posted on Aug 16th 2008
Well Jeff, I've made numerous cash-outs at CD, Hollywood, Jokerroom, TG, Party Poker, usually between $300-$500, but over the last year, Ive managed to become "profitable" (not on "your" level, but I've gotten every cent I've ever put into online poker back!!) and the only deposits I make is to get "free" stuff (and that's just from one of my accounts to another, I've not depositted any "new" money in over a year!)  Now back to my invite to you to join my team, you've never said anything about it? Why? Don't you LUV me anymore?  C'mon over to The "EH" Team!!!  GL, bro
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Posted on Aug 16th 2008
So far yes... But ask me in 6 month again and we'll see if I can say yes again.
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Posted on Aug 16th 2008
Yes. Haven't made a real money deposit into my online poker account in over 4 years (when I first started).   Have cashed enough to make me and my bank account glad that I play online poker, lol.    
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Posted on Aug 18th 2008
Yes I've cashed out a couple of times, but nothing major.  
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Posted on Aug 18th 2008
I have cashed out i few times too, mostly on party poker, near 2000$, and also on betmost.  On Betmost more than once and the biggest was 700euros.
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Posted on Aug 20th 2008
i've cashed out 3000$ this year but that could be more because my bankroll handling sucks i usually play at towergaming.
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