Is it tilting or just being stupid

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Posted on Jul 28th 2009  -  Subject: Is it tilting or just being stupid
Hi.  I dont know if its just me or if others have the problem I have. I can be doing good in a tourney till 1st break or a little later in the tourny and then I will get into a hand I have no buisness being in and I will lose it all or a lot of my chips and its all downhill from there. I have a bad habit of  going for the win even when I know Im beat. I tell myself before the tourny starts Im not going to play like that anymore, I do good for a while but then one hand comes and I lose it and then I have to get the chips back and before I know it Im just watching the game. When I keep my control I can win sometimes. I think I have to get some discipline when it comes to losing a big hand or I will be the poorest poker player around. I got that off my chest now so I just have to practise it. I will try but Iknow it will be hard for me.
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Posted on Aug 7th 2009  -  Subject: tourney play
in reply to your tourney problembs i have had the same problems myself you see the stacks getting bigger and you think your not going to make the final table so you start to panic i must get chips i must get chips.only last friday was i in this postion usually i would try a couple of bluffs loose my chips and im paying for another entrance fee plus rebuys plus add ons etc.i decided to wait for ak or aa or aq suited and sure enough it came you may have to wait but you will always get a good hand eventually once the table see that your only playing real hands you become a threat and that gives you power at the table now is the time to take advantage of the bluff twice last week using this method i had a third  in a 1500 r/a collecting 300 and somethins dollars and again in another 2dollar rebuy finished  fourth collecting just over 100 dollars ok i lost the lot and a bit more on the cash tables so ill stay away from them from now on but if i had of just used that cash for tourney play i think i could of improved my bank roll lesson learned for me i think. patience at the tourney tables even if your stack is alot lower than every one elses two good all in hands solves that problem and alerts  the table  to your intentions.WINNING IT!!!!!!! i would say its foolish play to be in a hand thats WEARING SOCKS. oh yeah i got a second in the gambler freeroll as well
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