i poker kicking blonde poker off their network

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Posted on Jan 1st 2010  -  Subject: i poker kicking blonde poker off their network
I've had my head buried in the sand for the past month an a half with whats going on in the poker world (mostly hammering the tables before Xmas,due to a good streak, and taking a well earnt Xmas break with nothing to do with poker), It wasn't until my lastest edition of WPT came through the door yesterday, that I had discovered that I-poker was kicking Blonde poker off their network due to them having too many winning players!!!!!!!. Now I'm from the conventional thinking that the only guaranteed winner when it comes to gambling is the 'house'. To me it doesn't hurt i-poker profits as they make their money from the raked pots & entry fees (for every winner there has to be a loser,it costs them nothing). Even by reading the Blonde Poker thread about what is going on the situation becomes no clearer as it seems that they are being crippled by chargebacks which is fraudlent or misused credit card transations. Which now they have to pay to i-poker rather than the old way of i poker sorting that out. This could have been a reason for why i-poker ditched them if it were not the reason of too many winning players being given. This logic worries and confuses me, surely if they get rid of this site off the network then another site may get too many winners as they put & be forced off the network.  It is purely speculation but there are rumblings that i-poker who owns Titan is trying to get rid of the smaller skins on the site so players will be forced to play on their own skin. It seems to me that the poker sites have learnt nothing from the big scandals that rocked the online poker world and continue to behave in a suspect manner. I do wonder whether to continue on playing on Betmost even with the perks I get through Pokerinside 
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Posted on Jan 9th 2010
why only playing on one software, try a few...
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Posted on Jan 25th 2010
Think that this kind of rewarding system is hard to get elsewhere and u could get more money after u play so if u're an EV player this is the way to put yourself up a litle and maybe get on with you're game. That is the real deal with playing more.
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Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts