i hate donkeys

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Posted on Oct 15th 2006  -  Subject: i hate donkeys
today i had aces lost 2 aq and i had kings lost 2 85 and i think it su....... that donkeys r even allowed 2 play the game
marcel cormier
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Posted on Oct 15th 2006
I know you are pissed now, but you should be happy to have donkeys play against you. Overall you will end up ahead. ;)
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Posted on Oct 16th 2006
We have all taken some bad beats, Me alot here reciently, just remember the cards always change and so will your luck, the donkeys will loose their butts to you and you will be happy they are there.
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Posted on Oct 17th 2006  -  Subject: thanks
thanks 4 cheering me up guys well appreciated
marcel cormier
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Posted on Oct 18th 2006
"Hee Haw Hee Haw"...uh oh better look out cause the donkies hear you talking about them and they are coming to get you mwuhahahaha.
They say if you can't spot the sucker within 30 minutes, you're it. I saw 9 of them the second I sat down. -Vaughn
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Posted on Oct 20th 2006
LOLOL @ vaughn.... love it.... thats funny!
have fun and play POKER
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Posted on Nov 5th 2006
I realize the frustration that many people have when facing a suckout from a donkey, however we must not forget the benefit of having donkeys at the table................money. The poor players at the table at the reason that poker is profitable. If we only played against solid players, it would be quite hard to make money, however the bad players will chase and chase until we have all their money. Thank the weaker players for providing us with an additional source of income.
It's easier to fish if you're the one casting the reel.
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Posted on Nov 13th 2006
I agree ,but in the long run,those fish feed us,better luck at the tables
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Posted on Nov 14th 2006
Last weekend I lost $200 in a 6-seat Limit table to a guy who saw every single flop and raised 60-70% of those pre-flop. AA, KK, JJ, AKs, you name it, the guy raised pre-flop and won at least three hands with 7-2o...
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Posted on Nov 15th 2006
I think thats bs you cant win at all if you have all terrible players at the table. They will always call you down. You have three outs from one person 6 from another one is chasing a four outer to the river and the others all have some flush draws and over cards. Which means you are about 10% to win the hand. I would rather play against solid players or very very good players then fish and donkies.
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Posted on Nov 25th 2006
most of the time it is the donkey who pays you the most
those who never try, never succeed
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Posted on Nov 28th 2006
I have bad news for you guys!!! If all donks leave I'm 99 % sure that almost nobody here will be able to beat the rake!!!! even Online!!!! KJ
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Posted on Nov 29th 2006
In the end you will grow up you bankroll and the donkeys not! Relax ...
I belive in miracles!
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Posted on Nov 29th 2006
Yes playing against donkeys is frustrating but stick on them because most times they go all in and get beat off table hopfully.
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Posted on Dec 5th 2006
i agree totally the only reason i dont get really far in tournaments somtimes is because of DONKEYS!!!! it pisses me off because one minute your up to say like 10 000 chips you have a k someone raises preflop to 2000 i re raise all in 10 000 he has 15 000 chips he calls he has fuckin 7 6 and flops a straight wat kind of bs call is that if that person knew how to play poker he wouldnt even think of calling but ya thats my take on DONKEYS!!!! and how much they piss me off
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