How much is in a bankroll?

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Question: What's a bankroll?

1. $1000
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2. $500
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3. $100
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4. $50
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5. $10
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Posted on May 21st 2008
The sky is the limit :)  
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Posted on May 22nd 2008
100$ :D
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Posted on May 22nd 2008
My bankroll is really short i should say. I dropped from from 5k to 5$. LOLLLL
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Posted on Jun 4th 2008
gostava de saber o  é
Paulo Pereira
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Posted on Jun 4th 2008  -  Subject: oF COURSE
Of course .Depends how rich you are.
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Posted on Jun 5th 2008  -  Subject: bankroll
Depends if you play cash or tourneys but £200 should be enough to get anyone started.
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Posted on Aug 20th 2008
500-1000 can be called bankroll
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Posted on Aug 20th 2008
I have been thinking about this question for a while.. the best answer I can come up with is, I can't put a number on a good bankroll. It depends on what stakes you are playing in and how much and your skill. A good bankroll should be big enough that you can play and if you lose you don't have to have a bad conscience for losing. A good bankroll can take some bad beats and lost without hitting 0.00... I was reading somewhere, to know about your bankroll and how much you need you have to write down every winning and loses for a very long time. It is not enough with 6 month...   Jaja.. what do I know? I haven't been playing for a year yet!
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Posted on Sep 13th 2008
Bankroll management is such an important part of poker. I can't put a figure on it because it does depend on your buy in level you are going to play. so when playing tournaments I advise to have 30x or more buy ins. It depends on your skill, be careful not to play above your skill level. We all want our game to improve and advance to a higher level but your bankroll must grow with your skill level if you don't want to go broke. I have seen a lot of good players go broke because of their poor bankroll management. If you enter a tournament with a large portion of your bankroll you are certainly at a mental disadvantage, just by knowing that if you are not in the money your bankroll will be really damaged will blur your poker judgement and it will most definitely negatively influence your poker strategy.   Have a great day,   jajatras
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