How much is in a bankroll?

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Question: What's a bankroll?

1. $1000
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2. $500
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3. $100
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4. $50
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5. $10
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Posted on Sep 6th 2007  -  Subject: How much is in a bankroll?
what is everyone's opinion on how big a starting online poker bankroll should be ? ..................................
GambitMaster Team Toronto
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Posted on Sep 14th 2007
Depends how rich you are.
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Posted on Sep 16th 2007
like the guy before me just said. it depends on how rich u are. Also how good you are. can u turn 20$ into 200$?
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Posted on Sep 17th 2007
I like the "depend on how rich you are" ;) This is so true!! You need at least 50$ in my opinion..but it depend if you play most cash games, or tournement.
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Posted on Sep 20th 2007
I think it depends on how much you are willing to lose and how confident you are in your play and if you are willing to play lower limits. I like Min $500 to start becuase that gives you a chance to play and learn at the same time and build hopefully something bigger. If you can stay within a bankroll and are willing to grind it out you can start will very little, even $50. Good Luck
Make Money, Not Friends at the Table
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Posted on Oct 28th 2007
It does not depend on how rich you are, but on the stakes you want to play at. For cash games the recomendation is for the buy in to be not more than 5% of your bankroll. Cannt remember what is recomended for Tournements - fee = 1% of bankroll?
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Posted on Oct 29th 2007
Depends on how much money you have to play. What stakes you want to play would also be a factor.
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Posted on Nov 13th 2007
Starting bankroll depends on how good you are and what stakes u would like to play. For example: A winning 400NL player would only need like 7 buy-ins to play 10NL, because of the fact that he isnt likely to be dropping 7 buy-ins in a row. A starting player should have minimum 20 buy-ins, because the swings will be greater. For the low stakes NLHE the suggestion is 20 buy-ins, but as u go up in stakes u will need more buy-ins. For 400NL, u should have like 40 buy-ins, because there the players are better and there WILL be more variance. And something else u should know, if u are a losing player, it really doesnt matter how much buy-ins u have because eventually u will lose them all.
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Posted on Nov 18th 2007
If your just starting out,then I would suggest a minimum of $100,just to feel your way into the site. any less,and it could be gone in no time.
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Posted on Dec 9th 2007
for me, a $200 bankroll is just the most suitable. If i get in a bad run i wont have problems, and sometimes it can even give me some extra money. Since i can`t afford a $1000 bankroll, the 200 is just fine.
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Posted on Jan 8th 2008
It doesn't matter what you start with. The important thing is to be patient and disciplined in order to play the right stakes according to your bankroll. Don't forget even good players have downswings, and that they may decrease the level they play, in order to get back on track.
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Posted on Jan 11th 2008
50 is the best :)
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Posted on Jan 11th 2008
my starting bankroll was 0$. I only deposited 50$ at that time because I got some tourney tokens for depositing but never touched this 50$.Now I have about 20-100$ at each of the about 15 sites I play and also made some nice withdrawals. I go slowly up in limits as my bankroll grows. Just play the limits you can afford, play at big sites or at least don't put too much or even all your money into small sites (lost a bit when USDBET went down and now I can say goodbye to my $$$ at Jungle and OKUSA). Withdraw your winnings regularly. I don't put more than 2% of my bankroll into a single tourney-buyin and I don't sit down at any table with more than 2-3% of my bankroll. For me this rules work fine.
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Posted on Jan 24th 2008
I think you need a minimum of $100 if you want to do things properly
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Posted on Jan 25th 2008  -  Subject: 10 $
nich so einfach mit 10$ weit zu kommen .gebt mir tipps.danke
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