From cents to thousands

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Posted on Feb 25th 2009
Well i crashed all my bankroll which pokerinside gave me i made 50 euros from 10 and then tilted them all. Today i went into my full tilt account,saw there 60 cents,played a sattelite to 100k on sunday,i got the ticket for 22$,unregistered from tournament and now i got small bankroll to start my poker carrer again. More about my story ,you can read at my blog ,soon  will see what yoy can do with this money
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Posted on Feb 25th 2009  -  Subject: skill
Hey.. If you wanna make cents into thousands then dont unreg the 100K tour play it and get to final table then you have now it's quite hard to play till final table,there u need a huge luck amount and very high skillwell, if you don't believe in your own skills you'ld better work on it or it's better not to play.
OEPS! I'm your huckleberry... thats JUST my game! five hundred.. must be a......peache of a hand....
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