Freerolls........How to approach them?

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Posted on Nov 28th 2008  -  Subject: Freerolls........How to approach them?
Freerolls. Do they instill fear, humour,  a f**k it attitude or an 'I need this free money to carry on' reasoning? Whatever your reasoning for playing, WE ALL STILL PLAY!!!!!! Why? well that's a question we all often ask at the tables. Don't get me wrong, I'll ask myself 'why?' as i'm registering for the next freeroll!!! We play them all for our own reasons.Wether it be to try out a new strategy, to vent some frustration at the bad run you've been experiencing or just for some drunk fun! Whatever the reason we all want to know why? some people are at the table.  Share your freeroll reasoning and strategy here, give us all an understanding where we are heading....... Me personally, it's just to get some time in at the tables. Try to play a solid game but generally get drawn in to loose-play. Never really payed off,. But Hey, there's always another freeroll.
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Posted on Dec 7th 2008
I beleive freerolls are great if you find the right site. There is a trey nations $100 freeroll on Party Poker and only around 700 people register and of this around half are sit outs. As per most freerolls, once you get past all losers, it's easy to make it thru to the money. I have taken quiet the hansom return thanks to freerolls then as I get past the magic $1 mark, I play sit'n'go tournaments and continue up the food chain. I have done this on 2 sites but am yet to conquer Pokerstars as they have over 10,000 entrants to each freeroll. My tip, find the good paying freerolls where only around 1000 entrants at the most play, and build up your "free" bank roll.
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Posted on Dec 31st 2008
For me it's drunken fun. I love to play at the tables, so when i'm drunk i train myself to play freerolls tightly. Otherwise i just wake in the morning and find my cash account severely depleted.
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Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts