First ever world strip poker tourney

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Posted on Nov 18th 2006
cool. figured it wouldnt take them long to get this going. i heard about it about a year ago
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Posted on Dec 2nd 2006
Hey Everyone, I was reading an article just the other day and found it so amuzing that i had to tell everyone. London is haveing the first ever world strip poker championship. I think that it is just hilarious. Everyone is provided with 5 articles of clothing and after they lose those they are provided with a towell. What is even better they are competeing for 10,000 Euro. I am guessing now it is only a matter of time before online poker has their first strip poker tourney. Anyways just thought that was amuzing and hope everyone else does too. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Sounds like fun...LOL!
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Posted on Dec 2nd 2006
fun is an understatment
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Posted on Dec 5th 2006
CRAZY how many players were there?
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Posted on Dec 6th 2006
If it was an all female tourney it would be alright ,but I couldnt watch men get naked all day.
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Posted on Dec 16th 2006
can i play :)
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Posted on Dec 26th 2006
What are the rules for this event?
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