Do you have a royal flush?

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Posted on Aug 13th 2012  -  Subject: Do you have a royal flush?
Yesterday I collected my first Royal Flush! While playing poker for 4 years. I have at the moment were amazing and unusual feelings. And whether you have a royal flush? How many times? And that you had with this?
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Posted on Aug 23rd 2012
Congrats!!! I've had over 40 in close to 10 years of playing online. I play at least 4 tables at a time, and have played up to 16 at one time, but was mostly doing 8-12 tables over the last 9 years which is the reason for my high number. Had 2 within the last month playing 4 tables of zoom omaha at PokerStars. I believe I have screenshots of at least 20 of them. Had them in holdem, omaha, omaha hi lo, SNGs and one tournament I believe. Always nice when they actually pay out!
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Posted on Jan 31st 2013  -  Subject: royal
i ve had only one T-A diamonds i ve take a print scrin of it , and stright flush 7-J harts
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Posted on Oct 3rd 2013  -  Subject: more than 10 Royals
I have photos with all my royal hands and i know that are not more than last one was finally on first one on real money into a 3.3+R Rush Tourney....the other one had JKo ....board was KcJc 8 J Tc i was understant that he couldn't be beat only vs KK or flush stright or royall....was astonished! I used to play there! My ONLY one royal hand into 5years of play there! ( i was playn only tourneys there...thats why :D). Also in the same day i beated quads with quads...i was pockets of TT, he 66....allin preflop....board : 10 6 6 10 4....i becomed stone...why wasn't on another site to win some jackpot with it! :))))) But that's poker....sometimes you have big hand vs Jhigh and you win nothing ...otherweis you have monsters vs daddy moster :)!
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Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts