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Posted on May 19th 2009
after i deposit 30 $ i start to lose...and then i go back to deposit and after i deposit another 34 $...i lost this one as well.. what the hell happen whit my account :(...after i deposit i only lose :(( ...why ?Just a downstreak, dep some 30$ more and play, play, play
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Posted on Jul 7th 2009
Hello all !!! Usually I do better in tournaments.When I play cash tables I play on .25-.50 NL only one table because if i play more I'm not concentrating enough.I try to be disciplined.I go on the table with $10.00 and if i go up to $20.00 I change table and put $10.00 on a new one that way I don't loose all.Same thing if I'm going down to $5.00 I leave the table.So far this works good for me. Good weekend all. Hello4   It's a good idea!
gl. everyone! We meet at the final table;)
Displaying #16-17 of 17 total posts First Previous  1 2