Cheating? Is it true?

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Posted on Sep 21st 2008
dont belive in everything you read on the internet :Das mentioned i doubt these programs  would be sold for 20-30  $  when u can keep it to your self  cheat and make 10000's Exactly... Why would someone share is cheating (getting chance of being discovered and patched) while that same person can use it for his personal use and get A LOTTTT of money.... (SKY IS THE LIMIT..)  there is no way that thing exist...   as someone say.. if a programmer INSIDE a poker program put something in the prog so he can see cards... I can beleive that.. but he would probably not be playing limit under NL 5$/10$.   So don't be that scare.
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Posted on Oct 18th 2008
you don't need ant fancing programs to cheat. Colluding by phone, msn messenger and multiple computers are the ones to be worried about. Keep track of the people you play with regulary and play on sites with good security and english only chat rule. To date, there is really only one site and that's the reason why it's the most popular.
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Posted on Nov 1st 2008
I think that if it is happening, soon the poker rooms will track it and block it... None of serious rooms will let it happen!
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Posted on Nov 1st 2008
I have read many rumors about people making programs to "see the cards before they are flopped". I know poker is a game dictated by luck, but I ran into a pretty fishy guy yesterday while testing a promotion on *. This guy played about 1/3 hands. Every hand he played he raised big all the way to the river. The thing is he never had good hands when he bet it was always j3 k9 36... something with big gaps and no pockets. Despite never having good hands or rarely hitting the cards he needed on the flop, he always hit by the time it got to the river and bet large amounts from the get go. I could see it being luck, but why would he fold then? Usually if someones just throwing in chips to see what is going to happen they at least have an ace or throw it in every time. Also, why did he continuously move from table to table? Im guessing superstition and a whole lot of luck but do these programs exist? For now 2 rooms have ben declared guilty about Super-User, both have Mrs Norton fom owner. Notthing in Ipoker ( seem peoples like the badbeat system there ). I am in some forum of poker for learn and see what people said about software poker. The text below is some result of all i heard. You said * I know poker is a game dictated by luck* I will add just a little thing. Software poker it's a program and the luck is for notthing there, talk with any competant software programmer and you will see. Make this test regulary in Ipoker... play 5 or 6 hands and fold the 2 next hand you will see your card in the flop and regulary the Nuts. Make the same test with poker cards in your diner room and tell me plz )   Btw i make money in software poker this is not the point... i just talk about it's not Luck game but a  programmed software.     So Buh bye. Oh sorry  for my english, it's not my basic language.
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Posted on Dec 1st 2008
Not that any1 cares anymore, but I did happen to hear on the radio today about this site that a ex employee knew how to hack into the system and did, this person was also apparently a 1 time world series of poker champ. They got found out very quick and are being sued.
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