Been Away A Long Time

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Posted on Nov 10th 2015  -  Subject: Been Away A Long Time
Well this is the story of a nomad poker player who joined this site back in 2007 knowing absolutely nothing about poker (didnt think so at the time but know I'm wiser or maybe just older) and hasn't really given this site much of a thought over the time I have been away. But after 3 years away from the virtual felt and much longer away from the site I came back to have a gamble on William Hill. I have to say this place was the real starting point of my journey and through their freerolls and rakeback I managed to actually build a bankroll when I actually put the graft in and learnt how to play the game profitably. However the signs were on the wall that the bubble was bursting on the I-Poker network so after building a bankroll of £650 on Betmost from nothing it was time to cash in and move to pastures new. Oddly when I-Poker changed to point accumulate rates on the cash tables it was beneficial to the loose players and not the tight players like me so I thought the tables would be looser but immediately noticed they were tighter not as many players seeing the flop. So the fishy I was preying on had swum away so I needed to find where they had gone. Pokerinside were sticking with Betmost and there was no real deals I liked at the time on here because it was all on I-Poker and I wanted a fresh network with different players. Since all the poker sites had changed the way points were allocated rake back wasn't really a big incentive so struck out on my own and deposited on 888. Had a profitiable couple of years on the network turning $50 in to what stands at around $2,000 today. Sadly all good things come to an end and I become very frustrated and angry with the game and the passion that was once there had gone so I simply stopped playing. Now I want to play again but very happy just messing around in the micro stakes and seeing where the chips may fall hence mucking around on William Hill. It is a bit sad to be back here as the site looks like it is dying, the forum was never really that active by the members but least the admin posted. Now that seems to have evaporated, seems I have had more e-mails from them trying to entice me back than they have posted in their own forum. Nothing has changed no new competitons and no new deals. To be honest a new approach is needed to get members involved and competitions going. It is also disturbing to see the threads littered with advertisments for other sites. I don't know if anyone will actually read this or let alone comment but I'm sort of back to where it all begin even if it maybe to witness the death of the community.
Go all in I tell you
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Posted on Jun 6th 2017
This was a fabulous story and you present it in a uniquely different manner...
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Posted on Jan 17th 2018
hmmm interesting story) do you have many such stories? Interesting to hear more from you, your writing is really interesting as for me )
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