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Posted on May 23rd 2007  -  Subject: Bankroll
Started with 5 bucks on cd that i won in player freeroll. Got it up to 85 bucks playing 1 an2 dollar sit and gos and .5 /.10 omaha hi /lo any suggestion to build my bank roll bigger and faster. It took me about month month and half to get it this far was thinking of moving up a level on the sit and gos to 5bucks.
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Posted on May 24th 2007
I play 2-4 cash games at once, low limits, started with the PP sponsorship and get a bankroll on CD by playing freerolls! You enlarge your bankroll with winning hands, I can't give you an advice to speed it up! You have to find your way you feel good with!!
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Posted on May 24th 2007
I have onlky 2$ and I won 100 in the tournament
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Posted on May 25th 2007
I wish I had a bankroll
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Posted on May 25th 2007
play scheduled tournaments with a big pay out and try to win.. i started with around 50, and i havent went below that since i started!
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Posted on May 25th 2007
try to play freerolls with low buy-in, and did that and my money now is two times bigger.
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Posted on May 26th 2007
My advice is stick it our were you are at now. Sounds like you are dominating those tables and you dont want to have to drop back down when you move up if you had a bad day or week. Move up very slowly once you know for a fact you have enough for your bankroll to take a hit then try the .10/.20 game and slowly move up from there. I mean slowly trust me. Its online so you can take big swings. You dont want to be forced to move down because you wont play the same game when you think the tables are beneth you. Good Luck
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Posted on May 28th 2007
patience is the key for the long run. and bankroll management. so its safer to stay for a longer time at a low limit and build your bankroll constantly up. i would prefer that you only play cashgames and stay away from untill your bankroll is high enough
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Posted on Jun 1st 2007
I wish I had a bankroll And why u did not?
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Posted on Jun 2nd 2007
Just keep to what you have been doing and try to grind it out. Don't try to step up to the next level too quickly, otherwise you will lose it all.
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