bad beat.... no one wants to hear it? ah well.....

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Posted on Oct 28th 2006  -  Subject: bad beat.... no one wants to hear it? ah well.....
playing at my local casino. 1-2 pot limit holdem. AA under the gun pot (16) 5 callers (great stuff) flop A J 7 rainbow. i bet 75 (no need slowplaying 5 people) anyway i always continuation bet so i'm expecting a caller from a jack. button reraises 210, i'm all in 590.....AAAvsJJJ................guess what.............. you got it!!!!!!!!!! f**kin jack on the turn! whimper, someone console me i'm a wounded animal! lol
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Posted on Oct 28th 2006
:9 This is so bad :(
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006
amazing how much someone will pay to see the next card if they got ANY part of the flop huh? i guess if you did make any mistake it was to be on a limit table, it really doent get to costly for someone to stay and see if they catch. was just REAL bad luck for ya tho, i mean how many times would that actually happen
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006
thats the luck part of the game ;)
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2006
$1,$2 blinds. Im button I have K10, this guys before me is raise all pots preflop, This hand he raises to $5. I call, the flop comes 2,6,10. I check he bets $12 I raise to $30, he calls. Next comes a K, I check, he goes all in with like $150 I had like $120 so I called, he shows AJ. Next you know what came up right, yep that dam Q. Only 4 outs. That hurts
Jonathan "Kaki" Torres
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2006
LOL Kaki, I want "your" donkey at my table! Always! Q at river it does not succeed every time. GL AT THE TABLE
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2006  -  Subject: bad beat
i find to avoid the bad beat don't bet until the river then you know what you have. no surprises
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Posted on Nov 21st 2006
man that is terrible. but it happens
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Posted on Dec 7th 2006
Great advice..dont bet untill the river...lmao I love when your playing small stakes limit and K6o calls a raise calls the flop with an ace on it and he has no draw no pair a king hits the turn and they call you out. I know it happens sometimes and I will have the ace because I get paid off all the time and they just muck there cards but that has to be great poker right. lmao Really gotta love poker if you can keep laughing.
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Posted on Dec 7th 2006
OUCH. I feel for you. The only way to avoid bad beats Don't Play Poker. Now since we all know that we won't quit, the next best thing is to remember to take it in stride. After all do we complain when we suck out on somebody and lay a bad beat on them. No, though sometimes I might say "I would say sorry, but that would be a lie." Still hurts though. Good luck, and don't let a bad beat get you down.
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Posted on Dec 27th 2006
over used term
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