Another great start for 2007!!!

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Posted on Jan 22nd 2007  -  Subject: Another great start for 2007!!!
I just won my second MTT in 2007! Unfortunately it was 1$ rebuy!!! : ( But its a nice $519 anyway! Now I have to keep things going well! I started 2006 like crazy with 5 MTTs victories before the end of march, but got only 6 in the whole year! To be honest, I think I played pretty well but I' ve been really lucky to catch the good hands at the right time. Mid way between 1st and 2nd break I won a 4 way all in pot for 460 000 to become the chip leader when I went all in with JJ and got 3 callers!! TT 44 and KQ! Board came 559AA and it was done! A few minutes before the final table I foud AQs on the button and went allin in a raiser and a caller... they both called with AJ!!! no J came and I was now the absolute chip leader with more than 2.5million in chips! 2nd in chips was just shy of 1 million! Sometimes a bit of luck worths thousands of hours of work! KJ
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Posted on Jan 23rd 2007
Congrats on the win buddy. Have yet to play any MTT's yet, other than the PI freerolls. Like the action at the cash tables for now.
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Posted on Jan 25th 2007
niice good job buddeh
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Posted on Jan 26th 2007
well done,hope your luck continues!
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