AJ vs. A2 ouch!

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Posted on Apr 26th 2009  -  Subject: my craziest hand ever
This was really a disgusting hand! It was a 33$ 6 table tournament. I was in the money (~66$) and were lucky about that...but this time i wanted to win some "real" money. I needed to double up very fast cause the blinds were eating me up ;) I had AJ and just raised preflop. One guy called. The flop was 99j ! so i hade "top pair" with top kicker...and i really didnt thought he had the 9! Now the funny part...i had not very much chips but i bet like the half of my chips...then he went all in...it was clear that i had to call...so he showed a2 i had aj...ON THIS FLOP i had like 99,7% to win that hand....and then on turn and river two and two...that was really *** !! Cause there werent many people in this tournament and i would have had a lot of chips...and the opportunity for like 2000$ (1st place) !!! SO THIS WAS MY OUCH STORY ;)
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Posted on Apr 28th 2009  -  Subject: reply
i m sorry for you but that s poker what a bad beat i think  next time you ll have more luck NO PAIN NO GAIN
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Posted on Apr 29th 2009
this is happen with everyone sometimes...
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Posted on May 5th 2009
Yes that is very much ouch! Similar has happend to me too.
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Posted on May 7th 2009
get used to it. the better odds go to the weaker player most  times. its bs.
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Posted on May 7th 2009
Tons of times hapenned to me too, so not very surprising because we play so  many hands only.
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Posted on May 14th 2009
sh*t happens, lol 
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