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Posted on Apr 16th 2009  -  Subject: yup
Well I was in a tourney last night and in the first 14 hands with 10 people sitting at the tables I had the exact same hands in the exact order 3 times. hand 1 Jd-3s, hand 2 2c-8c, hand 3 3d-9d, hand 12 3d-9d, hand 13 2c-8c, hand 14 was the same as hand 1 jd-3s. Now the table was full with 10 players and this happens!! Well one might think that this is impossible but it has now happened with this Card Generator. UNREAL, anyone know the odds of that occuring 1,2,3 and than 3,2,1 I can't believe the stuff going on lately!!!!!!!i have had same thing happen had same hand same cards but one after the other had Qc Qd very next hand Q d Q c then about 7 hands later I got K c K h and next hand K c K h I went on to win the SNG $88 for first chances of it happening like this a million to one and the funny thing is I had played a total of 32 hands for 12 poket pairs just lucky that night I guess.
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Posted on Apr 20th 2009
happen´s to me all the time, lucky for me, i don´t play high stakes ;)
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Posted on Apr 21st 2009
It's default to me, to loose with better hand in preflop. I can lose even 97:3. Today, i went allin with AA @ FLOP AQx, he had AQ, and turn came Q and river Q. I wasn't shocked ;)
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Posted on Apr 21st 2009
That's just a badbeat... Part of poker... :/ Unfortunately
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Posted on Jun 10th 2009  -  Subject: pf
i get that too, also, i'm lucky i don't play highstakes
it's not all about the cards
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Posted on Jun 14th 2009
It's a very wrong thing in poker, especially in high stakes. Gl. for everyone and a lot of QK :)
gl. everyone! We meet at the final table;)
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Posted on Jun 15th 2009  -  Subject: :)
yep right its just poker.... happents ..must leave with that :)
deal me out
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Posted on Jun 15th 2009
Wish I had the Bankroll to test this out          
"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool." Richard Feynman,
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Posted on Jun 17th 2009
AA lose ever time,  it's unbelievable there is so much bad beat unbelievable in the net  Yup. with AA's i lost to a guy with 77, ak, a10,aq etc... =/ Bad beat.......
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Posted on Jun 19th 2009
Sometime seems that fold pocket Aces can be just nice, but the profit with Aces is just fine to me.
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