A Couple of Lessons in Poker Logic

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Posted on Oct 30th 2006  -  Subject: A Couple of Lessons in Poker Logic
Here's a fact or pker life that when first considered doesn't seem to make much sense. " In limit poker, a good player loses with good hands." But how can that be? Good players should win with good hands. I'd better add something here. A good player, when he loses, loses with good hands. That's better. Assuming that the statement is true - why is it true? It's true because it's logical. Good players don't play bad hands. Bad players play weak hands and win when they get lucky. You, however, are regularly playing good hands. So, when you do lose, you will lose with good hands against a player who played a weak hand and got lucky. Weak players constantly lose with weak hands because they play so many of them. Skillfull players will lose with good hands because that's the only kind they play. So, not playing weak hands means you connot lose with weak hands. Logic. When you find yourself losing with mediocre hands you've found a hole in your game. You are either overvaluing you mediocre hands, or overvaluing your opponents - or both. This is closely related to the question, "Why is it that bad players draw out on good players, and not the other way around?" The logic here is that good players aren't constantly putting themselves in position to draw out; they are playing the best hand or best draw. Bad players, however, are constantly looking to get lucky. They go to the end hoping and praying to the poker gods for a miracle.
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Posted on Oct 30th 2006
I saw this happen in a rebuy yesterday, donkey had Pocket 7s, flop came A KK, turn Jack Chip leader had K10, other player had AJ, both betting like crazy, both called by donkey - including being pushed all in. By this stage, only two out left in the deck for donkey ... and of course river was 7. Chip leader was so amazed at the call that he was concetrating more on abusing donkey and not on playing ... he was out 3 hands later. I lasted longer that donkey and made it to the money and if chip leader had had any sense he would have made it much farther than I did.
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Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts