3-card brag... lets all play it.

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Posted on Oct 28th 2006  -  Subject: 3-card brag... lets all play it.
I couldn't decide where to put this post but i figured here was a s good as any where else... I'm assuming most of you have seen "lock, stock and two smoking barrels". If not you bloody well should have. Three card brag is the game they play in the bit that sets the whole film going, it is I admit a very English game but as a result www.3patti.com (3-patti being what the Indian verion of the game is called, and they do have texas hold 'em if you feel like soem standard poker.) will still take American players... the thing is this game makes a huge difference to the way you play poker. Here's why... 1. It is the sigle most aggressive gambling game on the planet. If you ever play scared or passive at a poker table a few round of Brag will sort you out. This is because there is no concept of equalising the bets, so you have to put in a minimum of the same number of chips as the last person to play. 2. There is no concept of equalising the bets. Any fear you have about losing goes out the window. Raising wars hold no fear anymore for the simple rason that the game is about staying in. Becasue of the lack of equalisation in the bets the betting continues till everyone folds, or till you get down to two players and one of them pays double to see, so you have to be willing to to out bluff, and to hang in with your low flush longer than that guy with the slightly higher flush. 3. You can't see any of the other player's hands but because of the relative strength of the hands it is easier than draw poker to put people on a hand. Instead of saying "he has a straight at least maybe a full house" you can say "he probably has a flush, but he seems unsure so its probably quite low." As a result your ability to read other player's will improve particularly in hold 'em and stud games. 4. Best till last, you have the option to play your cards blind. This means you don't see your cards but the money you put in the middle is worth double. So your raise to 20dollars is a raise to 40dollars for any open hands. This allows you to truly play the player's and can be used strategically to limit the amount you commit to the pot befoer you decide to "open" your hand. So give it a try... visit www.3patti.com and find out more. if you interested say so on the forum and i'll post the full rules of the game. Jon Pill
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Posted on Oct 28th 2006
ohhh no this sucks man. This is rounder.
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Posted on Jan 16th 2008
3 card brag also known as barstard brag for very good reasons . its a BARSTARD......
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