wood floor material

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Posted on Oct 15th 2017  -  Subject: wood floor material
The laid of wood floor is simpler, because be the product of standardization. But of wooden floor moistureproof and beautiful spend or need to guarpass. Small make up teach you how laid gives perfect wood floor board. 1, bore, block the hammer is getting good Kong Zhong, the nail that secures the line that plabase is with respect to the hammer on this block. 2, before spreading moistureproof layer to lay moistureproof layer, remember clearing clean ground, and assure the ground when dry. Between two moistureproof layers, applied adhesive plaster has been sealed, in order to assure sealed result. 3, shop outfit floor begins laid floor board. Opposite at real wood floor, the laid of wood floor is relatively simple, because be standardization product, do not choose off shade with ground of givlot of care, because quality is stable, need not consider the clearance of the floor. Good an an wood floor tile, joining together OK. 4, installation kicks crural line to secure the line that plabase. Function of the line that plabase is for the ugly aperture between keep out floor and metope. To achieve harmonious adornment result, the line that plabase can cover color or floor color option according to the door. 5, the wooden floor, line that plabase has been installed, but whole installation did not end completely. Because instalfloor board when, furniture did not come in, the construction group that bears the blame commonly so can tear open the box that pack below, the shop is installing good floor to go up, think prevent to wear away. [url=http://wpcdeckingsuppliers.de/product/7907.html]exterior wood panels canada[/url] [url=http://wpcdeckingsuppliers.de/product/8773.html]wpc tile for back yard flooring[/url] [url=http://wpcdeckingsuppliers.de/wpc/4662.html]buy gardens wood decking[/url] [url=http://wpcdeckingsuppliers.de/product/9777.html]manufactured wood decking and lumber yemen[/url]
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