Whats with the topless guy on my dashboard?

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Posted on May 16th 2011  -  Subject: Whats with the topless guy on my dashboard?
When I click "My PI" and "DASHBOARD" there is a picture of some topless guy that thinks he's a hard nut, I changed the pic on my profile, but that did not remove this annoying guy.. How do I get rid of him? he gets on my tits! ...or maybe jus stick a pic of a  topless bird up there for me instead! Cheers
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Posted on May 17th 2011

Yes, hehe it will be update to reflect something else shortly. Its on the list of our programmers =)

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Posted on May 28th 2011
that guy is BJ Penn lol one of the most lethal fighters in UFC, must admit though it puzzled me as well when I was editing my profile.
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Posted on Jun 22nd 2013
:)) that's life bro
c-asa e-n tenis !!!
Displaying #1-4 of 4 total posts