The floor changes with ambient temperature and humidity

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Posted on Jan 8th 2018  -  Subject: The floor changes with ambient temperature and humidity
The floor changes with ambient temperature and humidity First, control the indoor humidity. When the indoor humidity control at 50% -70%, the body is the most suitable humidity range, but also the most suitable for solid wood [url=]eco wpc dustbin uk national lottery[/url] how do you finish a wood flooring in front of a patio door [url=]gazebos floor how to lay ceramic tile[/url] what id the cost of 440 fence flooring humidity environment. Only the indoor environment humidity control in this range, in order to ensure the original solid wood flooring is relatively stable. To this end when the humidity indicator is more than 70%, we must maintain indoor ventilation or open the air conditioning to reduce the humidity of the room and the floor; when the humidity is below 50%, it is necessary to use a non-drip wet cloth repeatedly wet the floor. Second, the sun against the sun. [url=]xmas outdoor wooden decorations[/url]If the floor near the balcony or window is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, cracks may also appear. The paint on the floor surface will blister, Therefore, when going out or long-term absence, pay special attention to the curtains are well. Third, we should often dust. Use brooms and vacuum cleaners, especially if you are constantly trampled, especially to keep them clean. Fourth, to select the appropriate water-based wax, but also pay attention to only use a wax at a time, or mixed together may cause chemical reactions, the floor sticky dirty. Fifth, carefully move the furniture. [url=]armstrong vinyl flooring for kitchens[/url] Be very careful when moving furniture on the floor, it is best to lift it completely to avoid scratching the floor when dragging.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts