Solid wood floor care should be noted

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Posted on Jan 10th 2018  -  Subject: Solid wood floor care should be noted
Solid wood floor care should be noted anti-fouling: If it is the general dirt left by water-soluble substances, you can wipe the dust, and then dipped in thick soft rags with thick tea, Amoy water or orange peel soaked in orange peel water. If it is sputum, chewing gum, paint and other hard-to-remove dirt, do not rush to rub with gasoline, you must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt and then decided to take a different approach and different cleaning agents to clean. For those who do not understand the chemical properties of detergents, also can not be used at will, so as to avoid chemical reaction with the paint caused by the damage of solid wood flooring. Do not use hard tools or knives that can easily damage the paint film to scoop hardwood floors. [url=]ideas for a high deck[/url] [url=]wpc deck decorations[/url] [url=]how to build a planter box bench[/url] [url=]outdoor deck chair singapore[/url] [url=]fencing for garden on sale[/url] sunscreen: solid wood flooring in the floor family status most prominent and most distinguished, but also the most vulnerable to external environmental interference, humidity, temperature changes, the most prone to deformation, cracking and so on. Solid wood floor like the temperature below 8 ?, humidity 50% ~ 70% of the environment. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, solid wood flooring will shrink due to water loss, splicing gap increases, then, to give solid wood flooring "mask" - playing solid wax. Before waxing, first wipe the solid wood floor, and then evenly coated with a layer of solid wax, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe the light OK. In order to make solid wood flooring "young forever", it is recommended wax twice a year.
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