Solid wood dining table maintenance method

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Posted on Apr 2nd 2018  -  Subject: Solid wood dining table maintenance method
Solid wood dining table maintenance method Maintenance of solid wood tables seems to be very simple, but to really do a good job is not an easy thing, people do not understand the characteristics of solid wood, daily maintenance is difficult to achieve. People always feel that the solid wood material is durable and does not require any maintenance. [url=]composite deck tiles compare price[/url]It often overlooks its fatal weaknesses and eventually leads to various problems. So how does a solid wood dining table require us to maintain it? method one The dining table should pay attention to cleanliness, especially where there are many corners of the solid wood frame, which often cannot be cleaned, resulting in dust accumulation.[url=]advantages of composite decking[/url] Oil is a chemical substance that the table often encounters. Usually, you should use clean water to wipe the tabletop to avoid accumulation of oil. It can be difficult to clean it over time, which will have a certain corrosion effect on the table. Method Two In order to make the table more durable, it is recommended to apply a layer of high-quality light wax every six months, which can be very good protection, but also can increase the brightness of the furniture, make it look like the new buy. Some waxes have been added to the color of solid wood, so be careful to match the color of your furniture when choosing.[url=]indoor outdoor wall coverings[/url] Method three Open-design kitchens, where solid wood dining tables are kept away from fire, are too hot to cause distortion in wooden furniture, even in some subtle areas. In addition, the solid wood dining table is also not suitable for being exposed to direct sunlight, because the sun has a strong lethal effect on the wooden house, not only to make it fade, but also to crack. Therefore, these two issues should be taken into consideration when placing it. Although the solid wood dining table has undergone special treatment, it has a certain moisture-proof effect,[url=]composite vs wood deck ledger[/url] but for the long-term rainy weather conditions such as the south, the indoor humidity is too high, it will make the solid wood table appear moldy phenomenon. Therefore, this season should ensure that the indoor environment is dry, and some common dehumidification tools can be properly used.
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