Snap Up 10M RS Gold AZ Runescape God Affiliated Loot Beams

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Posted on Sep 7th 2015  -  Subject: Snap Up 10M RS Gold AZ Runescape God Affiliated Loot Beams
Well, the advicer maybe inspired by the Runelabs idea from one of the RS Gold players, he would like to post what the loot beams could potentially look like. Now, the god-affiliated loot beams are coming to you. Guthix: A small tree grows from the spot, then wilts away and leaves a green/turquoise beam on it and/or a few butterflies flitting around it, slightly larger tree and 1 more butterfly for each tier higher. Seren/Zaros: A small cyan/purple crystal growth forms on the spot, then explodes and leaves a cyan/purple beam on it and/or a few cyrstal shards orbiting it, slightly larger gorwth and 1 more shard for each tier higher. Armadyl: A small cloud and a tornado of feathers forms over the spot, slightly larger and more feathers for each tier higher. Zamorak: A fire bursts from the ground on the spot and volcanic cracks spread from the crater, slightly larger fire and crater and more volcanic cracks for each tier higher. Saradomin: Divine rays of sky blue or golden light shine from above on the spot, slightly brigher and more rays of light for each tier higher. Bandos:1, A small boulder falls from the sky onto the spot, then splits apart to reveal the drop and a light brown/dark green beam underneath, slightly larger and 1 more directional split per tier higher. 2. A small boulder falls from the sky onto the spot, then bursts apart leaving rocks and pebbles orbiting the drop, 1 more orbitingf rock and more pebbles for each tier higher. Well, I have to add something more. The idea itself is cool, but it would be cooler if sounds effect were added to these beams and also existing beams. Like it or not, more ideas or advice, we are open for suggestion. Like us if you have came to our online rs gold store: Most of my friends in runescape also like to buying rs gold from the site, they told me that old school rs gold rsgoldaz have high rate at trustpilot, you can test the site at trustpilot. The price of gold today: 20 M (Runescape 3) USD 5.78 2 M (Runescape 07) USD 3.39 Most order will finished in 15 mins, so you can getting your gold quickly and you can contact rsgoldaz if you have any problems: Skype: zyy4rsgold Website:
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts