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Posted on Apr 6th 2011  -  Subject: CdPoker Transfer to Betmost
I read somewhere... i think it was on this site somewhere that your money balace on Cdpoker can be transfer to Betmost since they are on the same IPoker network. I have been talking to support on CDPoker and they tell me this is not possible, can only transfer to other CdPoker members. I have .11 cents on CdPoker i would like to transfer to Betmost where i have .03 cent balance LOL. at least then i can play a .. .10 +.02 S&G game and have a chance to build my BR on betmost. but they wont let me transfer it :( ChatOperator2: Andrei: Please be informed that we can only transfer funds from CDPoker account to another, Ryan. Extreme11ont: i have 3 cents on betmost. and 11 cents here Extreme11ont: if i could put that together i could play a 12 cent s&g lol ChatOperator2: Andrei: I understand, However we can only make transfers on the same card room. ChatOperator2: Andrei: Yes, there is a cash-in of points. :) All you need to do is press the cash in your points button on the Poker Software. :) The minimum is 40,000 CDPoints for $40. Extreme11ont: how much can i get for 282.65 points ? ChatOperator2: Andrei: I am sorry, as much as I would love to help you but we do not have any cash bonuses at this time. Extreme11ont: well can i cash out my 11 cents then ?> Extreme11ont: pointless to have it there if i cant use it Extreme11ont: can i get a check for 11 cents ? lol ChatOperator2: Andrei: Let me see if that will be possible, Ryan.   LMAO haslting them over 11 cents haha. i dont care its my money and i want it :). if i had 1 more cent i could play the 10 cent s&g and win .50 cents and play 4 more games and build some BR to play with :)  
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Posted on Apr 7th 2011

Totally understand your point. I wish we could get you to be able to transfer your money to BetMost from CDPoker but we can't. I hope you can win some money in freerolls at BetMost so you can put your BRM to work!

Displaying #1-2 of 2 total posts