Aussie Poker?

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Posted on Sep 9th 2006  -  Subject: Aussie Poker?
Hi Does anyone know if there's an Aussie online poker site where they use Au dollas?? Any help would be appreciated
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Posted on Sep 9th 2006
Sorry, there's no aussie poker sites. peace:)
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Posted on Oct 22nd 2006  -  Subject: no aussie dollars but aussie players
I see that poker inside doesn't endorse this site and it's not one of my favourites (partypoker&CDpoker are my favs) but poker stars has a lot of aussie players and a picture of joe hacshem i hope i dont get in trouble 4 mentioning this site have i have seen no mention of it before here
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Posted on Oct 23rd 2006  -  Subject: aussie poker
here in australia we donot have 1 . yet we can go on the net for overseas sites . i know as if u loose your money in the game . it means u loose twice as u loose 25cents in the dollar transfering it .
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Posted on Nov 4th 2006
Gold Coast casino has a some medium limit tables which are cool
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Displaying #1-5 of 5 total posts