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Glass/Ceramic Shot Peening The purpose of shot peening service is to strengthen, or lengthen, the fatigue life of metal. Each piece of shot that strikes the material acts as a tiny peening hammer, this imparts a small indentation or dimple to the surface. Then a compressive residual stress layer was produced on the surface of metal to change or modify its mechanical properties. At Yiren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, we provide glass shot peening and ceramic shot peening as finishing service. Glass peening is used to provide a clean, bright satin finish for thin walled parts or thin welds. Ceramic peening provides a consistent surface finish that is less prone to stains or blemishes. Contact us today, and you will get superior crafts, on-time deliveries, personalized services, and quality-assured products.Special Treatment website:http://www.yirenmachining.com/sdgfhs/.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts