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Posted on Jan 2nd 2018  -  Subject: Investment Casting Parts price
Inconel 713LC superalloy parts For the quality control we according ISO9001-2015 Quality Management Control System, and most products export to America, Germany, Italy, Japanese ect. In 2018 we prepare to apply IATF 16949 Certification. Standard cooperation process for Inconel 713LC superalloy parts 1. Advance payment 2. Wax pattern pressing mould finish in 3 to 6 weeks depends on type 3. Sample manufacture in 2 to 5 weeks after mould finish 4. Sample accept by customer 5. Start of series production 6. Packing and delivery according contract Mainly turbine wheel casting equipment 1) Casting Furnace 25kg /40kg/100kg Medium Frequency Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace 200kg Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace 200kg Low-pressure Casting Furnace 2) Wax Injection Machine 35T Automatically Single-step Wax Injection Machine 20T&10T Automatically Double-step Wax Injection Machine 3)Drying Line 3-article Automatic Drying Line Constant Roasting and Leaching Sand System 2-Area Temperature/Humidity Controlled Environment Products Turbocharger parts : Turbine wheel ,Compressor wheel ,Nozzle ring Turbojet engine parts: Nozzle guide vane ,Turbine disc , Turbine blade Turbine machinery parts: Drilling impeller ,Stator Vane, Rotor blade Investment casting parts: Superalloy casting parts, Aluminum casting partsInvestment Casting Parts price website:
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts