Have you hit a Royal Flush live?

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Posted on Dec 18th 2008  -  Subject: yes
yes i have hit 1 royal flush hearts it was
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Posted on Dec 28th 2008
i was playing a cash game online and i seen the board play a royal flush of hearts i believe, that was interesting. some nub went allin and it was huge pot obviously, giving the site some rake.
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Posted on Jan 2nd 2009
I've never had a royal flush, but i've had two against me. Fortunately both times I had already folded my cards. And perversely, both times the winner gained next to nothing from the pot. First time was the first hand at a casino tournament, (3000 chips £30 buyin) everyone folded, small blind called and big blind checked JT. Flop came AKQ giving him the royal flush and his opponent folded to a minimum raise. Net gain 50 chips. Second one was late in a game at our local pub tournament. Blinds were 1000,2000 5 players left. Big blind was all in on 750, other three players folded. Small blind had AK and hit the royal flush on the river.
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Posted on Feb 18th 2009
no royale flushes until now... playing for like 2 years... no royal or straight flush, neither live or online
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Posted on Mar 24th 2009
6 Times!!
up and down the river
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Posted on Apr 8th 2009
Catch some times playing with friends
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Posted on May 4th 2009
No never live but online. I did hit a four of a kind though when my friend also had a four of a kind when we were playing heads up. Fortunately I had the better hand. He said he fkn knew I had a four of a kind too but he had to go allin.
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Posted on Aug 31st 2009
No live ROayl FLushes for me yet
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Posted on Sep 2nd 2009
Nope not yet, but online i allready had, and won that tourney which gave 135$
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Posted on Nov 21st 2009  -  Subject: re
stalkr owd I have hit a royal once, in $ i won about 10-12. Online i had 3-4 royal flush in the past 2yr.  
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Posted on Jan 17th 2010
I did it twice, all the time in local casino, only once I received call :)
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Posted on Jan 17th 2010
i have hitted 2 times on online :D and both times had callers... :D
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Posted on Jan 20th 2010
everyboady is telling their fishing stories :)
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Posted on Jan 28th 2010  -  Subject: ..
just one time on online never in live
live for win and gl
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Posted on Jan 31st 2010
For 2 years of playing live or online i never hit flush royal nor straight flush....once i dropped 65 diam and on flop 4 8 7 diam .... that was close to straight flush :(
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