How did you hear about PokerInside?

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Posted on Dec 7th 2011  -  Subject: hello
heh, my boyfriend infected me with poker and showed me this great community.
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Posted on Feb 7th 2012  -  Subject: pokerinside
I just found it yeterday on the net looks like a good site hope ill get my free bonuses lol
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Posted on Apr 8th 2012  -  Subject: How did you hear about PokerInside?
I saw it surfing the net looking up poker stuff on google.
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Posted on May 20th 2012
My friend tell me
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Posted on May 21st 2012
found out about this site through google and 2+2 forums
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Posted on Feb 2nd 2013  -  Subject: Poker face xd
Hi all sory very bad engli ...i,m Budapest
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Posted on Jun 19th 2013
i heard from a friend... he invited me here... the best thing
c-asa e-n tenis !!!
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Posted on Oct 1st 2013  -  Subject: internet and friends
I know this site for some time...but i didn't study more about what advantages gives you. Also, some friends tells me that is the perfect place to win some rewards for cash and tournaments. I look about it and now i love it :D.
Get rich or try bluffin'!
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Posted on Oct 8th 2013
I found this site from a close friend who was sponsored
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Posted on Mar 31st 2017
I really dont remember how i found this site :)
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Posted on Sep 15th 2017
hmm, your forum is very useful one) And i also like to be here)
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Posted on Jan 17th 2018
This site is fantatsic and I really like to become one of you)
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