How to post a Screenshot

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Posted on Aug 6th 2009
this topic my help it will be a commissioner, thanks
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Posted on Oct 28th 2009  -  Subject: thanks
Thanks for information,,,i,m at work right now,,but i have nice little program that i use to take snapshots on my desktop.When i get off work i,ll reply again and let you folks know what it is...All i know is i use it all the time and its quick and very simple.
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Posted on Feb 2nd 2010
i cought 90 % of all interesting hands that i played.... i'll post couple of em soon ^^ :)  
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Posted on Feb 13th 2010
Great job!Thanks for the help man!  
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Posted on Feb 23rd 2010
so easy, thank you!
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Posted on Mar 12th 2010
thanks for this ^^
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Posted on Jul 16th 2010
Thanx man, good information for everybody
L & M
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Posted on Sep 3rd 2010  -  Subject: thx
cheers good 2 know
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Posted on Oct 2nd 2010  -  Subject: Как разместить Скриншот
теперь память о моих будущих победах останется
все идет по плану
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Posted on Oct 4th 2010  -  Subject: ImageShack@
Wszystko jest dobrze opisane. Nie trzeba jednak rejestrować siÄ™ do ImageShack@
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2010
ha i never knew it was control v , thanks dude.
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Posted on Apr 8th 2012  -  Subject: How to post a Screenshot
thanks for the discription.
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Posted on Dec 16th 2012
glad i seen this old post completely forgot how to do it.
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Posted on Jun 20th 2013
thanks...very helpful
c-asa e-n tenis !!!
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Posted on Oct 1st 2013  -  Subject: +info
this info is important. but also, sometimes, you did't hit the button in the perfect time. in last hand (some softs have replays buttons to see the hand...hit it and then hit the printscreen button to catch the perfect photo). This is very important to receive some rewards from the big hands...and for shure to have the photo for yourself to show to your frends :)
Get rich or try bluffin'!
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