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Posted on Jul 28th 2006  -  Subject: How to post a Screenshot

Post created by WelshMackem Right, the PI guys have asked me to do a quick Dummies Guide to posting screenshots pf tourney wins etc... so here we go.

1. When you've got the victory screen in front of you, press SHIFT+"PrintScreen" (directly above the INSERT button on most standard keyboards. This saves an image of teh screen onto your clipboard.

2. Open the graphics progra of your preference, I use a Serif application, but PaintShop Pro or something similar is just the same, then paste your image (CTRL+V) onto your blank canvas. You can then edit it, crop it etc... and save as a jpeg.

3. Get your browser up on t'internet and find an image hosting site (I use this one ImageShack, but again, I'm sure there are many others). You will be presented with the option to browse your hard drive to find the image to upload, once you do this you also have the option to resize it (depending on where it's going, ImageShack has a specific option for use on messageboards). Once that's done you will be given a list of links, copy the "Direct Link to Image" onto your clipboard (highlight it then CTRL+C).

4. Open the PI Forum and start your post, then where you want the image click on the little picture of a picture above the text box (5th icon along "Insert Image") and paste (CTRL+V) the link from Imageshack into the dialogue box.

5. Finish your post and hit the save button, hey presto, your glorious victory is emblazened across the computer screens of the world.

Hope that helps and isn't too patronising to anyone.Post created by WelshMackem

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Posted on Aug 28th 2006
thanx man
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Posted on Sep 2nd 2006  -  Subject: hats off to welsh
not only is she pretty , but smart 2
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Posted on Sep 9th 2006
thanx,this will help if a ever win one.
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Posted on Sep 12th 2006  -  Subject: Screenshot
Thanks!...(now if I can win somethin' worth showing off!)
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Posted on Sep 17th 2006
thanks alot, and yea sheep i was thinking the same thing. when i win its always something small. but ill try this next time!
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Posted on Sep 26th 2006
Pretty cool I'll have to use that shortcut. THX
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Posted on Sep 27th 2006  -  Subject: Hi,
thanks for the discription.
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Posted on Sep 28th 2006
thank you for the help
may your cards be live and your pots covered in mustard
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Posted on Sep 28th 2006  -  Subject: thx
thank you for the help mannn
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Posted on Sep 30th 2006
Hope it will help you guys showing up your winnings in the PokerInside Members - Top Tourney Winners peace:)
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Posted on Sep 30th 2006
As this thread already shows you how to make a screenshot. cheers..jeff
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Posted on Oct 4th 2006
Thanks for the info......nice
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Posted on Oct 6th 2006
thanks, i'll give it a try, hope to win soon :)
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Posted on Oct 7th 2006
kewl :D
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