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Posted on Jun 30th 2013
pokerinside fauvorite page
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Posted on Oct 1st 2013  -  Subject: available
It is this promo still available? ( i am only a new depositor and i want to know )
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Posted on Oct 14th 2013
it running or not
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Posted on Oct 23rd 2013
how i get first deposit freeroll and i not get 250 nibs on deposit
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2013
There are gonna be more sponsorships aveable? ty
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Posted on Nov 3rd 2013  -  Subject: what the f...
I am here few months and I visit this page few times in month and I have never seen new sponsorships. Why you do somethink like that ?
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Posted on Nov 7th 2013

@kingfisher You normally get it the following month to play with all the others that registered.

As for sponsorships they vary all the time so there is no way to tell whenever there is new one etc. If you want you can contact us at sponsorships @

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Posted on Dec 14th 2013
thanks for this promotion
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Posted on Feb 4th 2014
great poker room's , great freeroll's !
alecs ptk
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Posted on Mar 25th 2014
any new sponsorship soon?
think big!
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Posted on May 22nd 2014
That was good sponsorship to start my poker career. Thanks.
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Posted on Nov 26th 2014  -  Subject: freerol
If You have not yet created your BetMost Poker account, so you're missing out on a lot of great benefits. BetMost Poker is PokerInside's new home, and as a PokerInside member, you will receive unparalled benefits when you play there. Download BetMost PokerBonus Code: pi100- visit website - Betmost Poker Benefits- BetMost is on the same network as CDPoker (iPoker). This means over 22,000 players online to beat during peak hours!- You can EASILY transfer your bankroll from CDPoker to your BetMost Poker account with just one email. Contact our support for details.- On your first BetMost Poker deposit, you will get a 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $600!- All PokerInside Tournaments, Freerolls and Tokens will be issued to BetMost Poker accounts only starting this week.- Your CDPoker VIP Level will transfer directly to BetMost Poker. Just let us know.- Tokens will be issued more quickly, and withdrawals will be processed more quickly.- All PokerInside Prizes will be paid directly to your BetMost Poker account. - You will receive the HIGHEST VIP System and Cash Payouts allowed on iPoker, period.- The first 1,000 players on BetMost Poker will get a private $1,000 Freeroll- The first 500 Depositors on BetMost Poker will get a private $1,000 Freeroll- You will get 250 Poker Nibs instantly when you deposit- We have increased the payouts of our PokerInside Leaderboard ... click here to see the new payouts and rankings.- You will have PERSONAL VIP service, directly from PokerInside. No more long waiting periods to get answers. The sooner you switch your poker play to BetMost Poker, the sooner you can take advantage of all our benefits there. If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the switch, let me know and I would be happy to help.i have regedit accout betmost in link but i have i not regedit torunmet it
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Posted on Dec 17th 2014
no benifit now it seems.have the freerolls ended
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Posted on Feb 24th 2015
Thanks for the infoColaMan999
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Posted on Mar 9th 2015  -  Subject: Köszönöm
Köszönöm a hasznos tanácsokat.
Zoltan Balint
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