Knockout Week

Big-money Knockout and Progressive Knockout tourneys!

The December Festival features a whole week of exciting Knockout and Progressive Knockout tournaments, with $5,000,000 in guarantees to be won. Play for your chance to win cash bounties and massive prize pools, and don't miss the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event on December 14 - qualify for the Main Event for as little as $1!

Also, check out your personal Challenge Window in the PokerStars client or Mobile app to find exciting Knockout Week Challenges from December 8-14. Start your Challenges now for the chance to win extra prizes just by playing in Knockout Week tournaments.

What are Knockout Tournaments?

InKnockout tournaments, a cash bounty is placed on all players in the tournament, and every time you eliminate somebody, you win a cash prize. In Progressive Knockout tournaments, the excitement goes up a notch, because whenever you eliminate another player not only do you claim their cash bounty, but the bounty on your head increases.

You can find knockout tournaments in the lobby, marked with a black crosshair symbol. The progressive knockout tournaments are marked with a red crosshair symbol. Alternatively, type 'knockout' into thetournament filterto quickly find what you're looking for!

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