$1M Spin&Go

Spin. Go. Win a million!

You could turn $5 into $1,000,000 in special edition $1 Million Spin & Go's! As soon as three players register for your $5 buy-in $1 Million Spin & Go tournament, there will be a random draw to decide how big your prize pool will be. Watch the spinner in the centre of the table to see how much cash you could win.

Spin & Go's are 3-max Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments that feature just 500 starting chips. It means the action is fast-paced, and you can win up to $1,000,000 in minutes.

Also, don't forget to check out your personal Challenge Window to find exciting $1 Million Spin & Go December Festival Challenges from December 1-30. Start your Challenges now for your chance to win extra prizes just by playing in $1 Million Spin & Go's.

Prizes and Probability

The majority of $1 Million Spin & Go's are played as 'winner-takes-all' tournaments, except for when your Spin & Go hits one of the three highest prize tiers. In these Spin & Go's the second and third-place finishers also receive a prize.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes you can win in each of the $1 Million Spin & Go you play, and the probability of your Spin & Go getting each prize:

*Only $5 buy-in Spin & Go's can be awarded the $1M prize, all other Spin & Go's will keep their standard advertised prizes, where players can win up to 3,000 times their buy-in.

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