$1,000,000 Poker TV Show

Play poker's biggest names for $1,000,000 on TV!

Think you have what it takes to travel the world and beat the biggest names in poker for$1,000,000 on TV? The Shark Cage is your shot at making it happen! It's a new TV show where poker legends from around the world and Team PokerStars Pros will compete in televised heats for a place in the final. There are seats open for PokerStars players, and you can claim yours with qualifier tournaments running now. Are you ready to enter The Shark Cage? It's time to find out.

How to make it to The Shark Cage

The TV show includes eight heats, all filmed at European Poker Tour (EPT) events. Each heat will see five top pros and one online qualifier play for a seat in the final, held at EPT London, where they will play for $1,000,000 - winner takes all.

Heats 3 and 4 take place as part of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final, in April 2014. This means there's room for two qualifiers, with not just a seat in the heats on offer, but also a trip to Monaco, including return flights for two, double room at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, and $600 credited to your PokerStars account for expenses!

Online qualifier tournaments take place daily at 15:00 ET from March 3-14. In addition to an added prize pool of $5,000, thetop 50 finishers in each qualifier will advance to the casting stage to audition for the TV show (see below).

How to secure your ticket for the qualifier tournaments

Claim free tickets for the daily qualifier tournaments by making a deposit with any of the special bonus codes listed:

Please Note: You may use more than one bonus code and claim as many tickets as you wish, however there are only twelve qualifying tournaments and any tickets claimed exceeding this number will be forfeited. All The Shark Cage qualifying tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Unused tickets and tickets claimed after any of the qualifying tournaments have been played will be forfeited.

Casting Stage

Make it to the casting stage and you'll be invited to send us a video audition. We are looking for personality, humour, enthusiasm and talent, so make sure you impress us!
Note that all videos submitted must be in English and not be longer than two minutes. Simply upload to YouTube and email the link tosharkcage@pokerstars.eu by no later than 23:59 ET, March 23.

Please Note: Any video using copyrighted material without permission will not be considered.

PokerStars will review all submissions and select the best video auditions from the selected players, who will be contacted by phone for further interviews. The two winners will then be publically announced on April 2.

More about The Shark Cage

Heats will be filmed at EPT events in The Bahamas, Monaco and Barcelona, with the $1,000,000 final in London. A full line-up of poker superstars will be taking part, with plenty of trash-talk and exciting action along the way. The show has an innovative format including never-before-seen features, such as:

'Play against the clock': Each player only has 30 seconds to act on each street, ensuring plenty of fast and exciting play.

'Don't get bluffed': If a player pulls off a bluff on the river, the loser gets sent to the Shark Cage to miss an orbit. The bluffer meanwhile gets bonus chips if they make it to the final. If the bluff gets called, the bluffer will go to the tank, and the player who called will get the bonus chips.

'No deals': All players who participate in the TV show will be asked to sign a contract and release form confirming that they will not enter into any deals for the $1,000,000 first prize.


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