BetMostPoker Launches Improved Rewards

BetMostPoker has launched a new upgraded site with a number of improvements of interest to members. Along with the improved design and layout come extra value features:

1) A new VIP club that features BMPoints which are earned at ring games and tournaments based on the total rake taken at the end of every hand. You will earn points as long as you contribute at least the amount of the small blind to the pot. For example, for every $1 in tournament fees the player will receive 20 points. The BMPoints can be exchanged for actual cash rewards that go straight to your account.

2) Players can achieve a VIP Points Boost which accelerates their points accumulation by playing certain volume levels. Boosted players will earn points for every hand, with the benefits increasing exponentially the more you play. For example, if you earn 1,600 points in one month of play and reach VIP Level 3, you would receive a points boost of 2505, giving you 4,000 more points (1,600 X 2.5 = 4,000) equaling 5,600 total points for that month. The points can then be used to enter tournaments, spent in the VIP shop that is coming soon or redeemed for cash.

3) Players will notice the VIP ladder that has 10 levels of increased benefits such as exclusive tournaments, freerolls, boosters, and even live event sponsorship.

4) Depending on number of BMPoints that you earn, players will qualify for escalating levels of freerolls.

BetMostPoker is proud of the value enhancements for members and excited for players to start realizing their increased value by playing. Always feel free to check out our additional promotions that roll out regularly.


on 15/4/11
Its my favorite poker room! Great promotions!
on 15/4/11
nice great improvment!thnx betmost
on 16/4/11
my old points was erased -.-
on 16/4/11
I've lost over 5,000 BMP's how is this an improvement? At least give me the $5 they were worth or give me a ticket of equal value!!
on 16/4/11
old points were erased because new system value them much much higher. so instead of being sad, look forward for much more cash :)
on 17/4/11
yea i lost 10.000 BMP about 10$, and where did you heard that thay value BMR much higher. i dont belive scam
on 17/4/11
why they didnt told us to cash out BMR?? its the same for me starting whit 400 BMR, expect i dont have 10$ more on my bankroll
on 17/4/11
i dont understand im level 4 now, and if i make it to colekt BMR for level 3, is my vip status going down or what? is this means if you dont play for one month you will be back on level 1? or you still be the same vip level?
on 17/4/11
Make sure your friend enters your BetMost Poker username when he registers. As soon as he/she deposits $50 or more, you'll get $50 in Bonus Dollars added to your BetMost Poker account. Your friend will get $50 in Bonus Dollars as well ... and that's in addition to the first deposit bonus!

what whait is this means thet if my friend depost 50$ i will instantly recive 50$ or that means when he coleck points or NIB or i dont now what, then i will recive 50$ or that means that i will recive 50$ but you have to open it trough BMR points?
on 17/4/11
It would be correct if they exchanged the old points to the new system.
It would be correct if I could cash in the old points before they erased them. It would be correct if they told me to cash in my BM points before they erased them.

I hope I will get my 320$, because I had about 3200000 BM points.

I hope that Pokerinside is a correct site.
on 29/4/11
on 29/4/11
on 21/5/11
pliss bonus
on 19/2/12
on 1/6/12