$50,000 Best Hand Jackpot

We're paying out $50,000 USD to the first team that builds a Royal Flush! In addition, we have two consolation prizes for those teams that get close, but not quite to the jackpot.

$50,000 USD $1,000 USD $500 USD
Royal Flush
Any Straight Flush
(not Royal Flush of Spades)
4 of a Kind
(Jacks or Better)

Please read our full Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Top Fantasy Hands

Top 15 hands from our Fantasy Poker Challenge! We give HUGE prizes to the big hands.

Team Hand Completed On Points
The "EH" Team Ah Kh Qh Jh Th   (Ace High Straight Flush) Jul 6th 2014 70,000
Esgaça da Venda Nova Ks Qs Js Ts 9s   (King High Straight Flush) Dec 27th 2014 70,000
No.1 Team Kh Qh Jh Th 9h   (King High Straight Flush) Oct 6th 2015 70,000
chatran Td 9d 8d 7d 6d   (Ten High Straight Flush) Oct 7th 2012 70,000
FISHPOKER64 7d 6d 5d 4d 3d   (Seven High Straight Flush) Nov 19th 2008 70,000
SLOVENIAN ROCKERS Ad As Ac Ah Qh   (Four of a Kind, Aces) Jun 13th 2008 4,000
1CrazyTalent Ah As Ac Ad 3c   (Four of a Kind, Aces) Oct 8th 2008 4,000
iCanHasTeam Ah Ac Ad As 2d   (Four of a Kind, Aces) Oct 16th 2010 4,000
Russian play in poker Ks Kh Kd Kc 5h   (Four of a Kind, Kings) Mar 14th 2011 4,000
DutchStackHunters Qc Qh Qd Qs Kc   (Four of a Kind, Queens) Jun 28th 2012 4,000
The "EH" Team Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d   (Four of a Kind, Queens) Mar 16th 2012 4,000
DemonLords Qs Qh Qc Qd 7d   (Four of a Kind, Queens) Jun 7th 2011 4,000
chatran Qc Qd Qs Qh 2h   (Four of a Kind, Queens) Sep 5th 2011 4,000
Canadi8 Poker Team Jh Jd Js Jc 6s   (Four of a Kind, Jacks) Jul 5th 2008 4,000
Rus_Team Jd Jc Js Jh 5d   (Four of a Kind, Jacks) Jun 8th 2008 4,000

Terms & Conditions

All participants in the $50,000 Royal Flush Jackpot must adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  • Only valid for hands completed on (or after) September 15th, 2008.
  • The $50,000 Grand Prize Jackpot, the Royal Flush MUST be the 10, J, Q, K, A of SPADES. Any other Royal Flush (not spades) will qualify for a 1st Consolation Prize.
  • For each challenge period there may only be:
    • (1) $50,000 USD winner, (1) $1,000 USD winner and (1) $500 USD winner.
  • Prize(s) are awarded to teams that acheive the winning hands first.
  • There are NO ties or splitting of the prizes between teams.
  • You can't transfer winnings to another player.
  • Any jackpot cash won by any team will be split evenly between all ACTIVE team members for the challenge period.
    • "ACTIVE Member" is a team member that has played 50 Raked Hands or more in the current challenge period.
    • Example: Team ABC wins the 1st Consolation prize, and there are 10 active players on the team. Each player will receive a $100 Cash Bonus ($1,000 / 10 players).
  • All winners of any prizes agree to allow PokerInside.com and/or BetMost Poker to publish winning details, interviews, pictures, and/or other press material in order to gain promotional exposure.