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If you´ll call it, its over baby

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

9h 8c 7s 6s 5s
Nine High Straight

Ac Ah Ad Js 8h
Three of a Kind, Aces

Qd Qs Qh Ks 2h
Three of a Kind, Queens

Jh Js Jc Ac 6c
Three of a Kind, Jacks

Jd Jh Jc Kc Ts
Three of a Kind, Jacks

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kamiru posted on Mar 2nd 2015 ...

hi! can i join your team? I make 2000-10000 rh's a month.

Calmheho posted on Dec 30th 2014 ...

Hi, I'm currently member at Poker_for_life team but would like to change team next month. I usually do 1000-1500 RH per month so email me the password at bringmethecards@live.com if you're interested in me.

cplbear posted on Nov 23rd 2014 ...

hey blunt why dont you join the eh team we are usually top 5 always top ten
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total comments

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